Air Cargo

With over 30 years of experience across the logistics industry, our capabilities cover a broad scope of IATA certified services. Our handling expertise – ranging from cargo screening, cargo build-up and breakdown to handling 40ft and 100-ton shipment handling – combined with our handling capacity of 300,000 tons per annum, make CACC Cargolinx the trusted logistics partner for the leading global carriers.

CACC Cargolinx’s highly dedicated team of professionals and world-class service standards, serve leading global carriers, freight forwarders, shippers and consignees a range of time-effective and cost-efficient handling and storage solutions. Our certified experts deliver industry and customer-tailored handling solutions, including special handling of time and temperature sensitive goods, dangerous goods, valuables and heavy and oversized goods.

Cairo International Airport (CAI) based Cairo Cargo City features purpose-built state-of-the-art import, export and express terminals, equipped with latest technologies, handling tools and equipment. Our processes are governed by leading aviation authorities, certifying CACC Cargolinx as your trusted logistics service provider.

CACC Cargolinx’s premium industry solutions and facilities denote a new era in the regional logistics market.

  • Purpose-built bonded import and export warehousing facilities
  • Comprehensive cargo screening
  • Dedicated storage areas for the segregation of goods by type
  • 24/7 certified operations teams
  • Certified general and special cargo handling
  • Coolinx – custom-built CACC Cargolinx cool dollies – for an uninterrupted cool chain during tarmac transportation
  • 40ft and 100-ton shipment handling capabilities
  • 24/7 surveillance system with zero blind zones
  • Basic (mandatory) security procedures with additional security procedures upon request
  • On-site customs clearance and customs clearance support
Export Terminal Charges

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CACC Cargolinx General Services Charges

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